Tekstitaituri text book series for ages 12 – 15

Sanoma Pro – Tekstitaituri school book series interior illustration

A couple of illustrations from the biggest project I have ever been involved in – a Finnish language textbook series for children ages 12 – 15. The series consists of 12 books so far including the textbook, excercise book, teacher's book and Finnish as a second language excercise book for each class level. According to my calculations I have produced somewhere around 500 illustrations for the series.

Thankfully, it has been well received and sales are good.

I also produced covers for all three textbooks which were finished but in the end, passed over for a more graphical cover design. I like how they turned out but the publisher had very valid arguments for the choice they made. I'm still glad I got to take the characters into these situations.

Sanoma Pro – Tekstitaituri 7 cover (unused)

Sanoma Pro – Tekstitaituri 9 cover (unused)