Huumaa 2008 – Anti-drugs school book
This was a textbook project for ages 12 – 16 which explained how buying common drugs on the street affected the people in the countries along the production chain. The book attempted to make the children understand the broader effect the drug trade has instead of just the immediate effect it would have on themselves.
Seura 2008 – Doping
"What can you do by tomorrow?" was the pitch the client gave me one morning. I loved the concept and since my schedule for the day was clear, I worked a bit into the small hours to produce this.

I combined a pencil drawing with watercolour texture and photoshop painting for the most speed.
Akava – Rollup for Akava's Students
Over the years I have done many large scale images for Akava's Students to use as backgrounds and decoration on their publicity tours. They have been very well received, one stand was even voted the best in a competition it wasn't taking part in, which was nice. They are also a lot of fun to produce.